We’ve joined the Bandwagon yadayadayada :)

Scene: TAKBO.PH Carboloading Party. March 20, The Pavilion, Greenhills

As the gracious hosts were playing the game of “Have You Never…?” as an ice breaker to the hodgepodge of runners – some 5k newbies, some 10k /21k  expert challengers to the ultramarathoners – the question “Have you never ran in the rain?” came up.

Vanessa asked, “Considered ba yung tumakbo ka dahil wala kang payong?”

‘Guess who said it?

  1. A Newbie
  2. The Expert Challenger
  3. An Ultrmarathoner



Save the Whale Sharks…NOT!

Running for me is really psyching yourself up: to finish, finish with a good time, finish with minimal walking. As I got my sister and her friend to run with me and knowing that they were passionate Marine Scientists who do diving clean ups anywhere and everywhere, I thought the “Save the Butanding!” cause might be the extra push to make them join the Condura Run. And they did…but as the race day loomed closer, we heed and hawed if we can actually do the run.

Then we found out that there were time limits to the race: 5k 1 hr 30 mins; 10 k 2 hrs 30 mins; 21k 3hrs and 30.


“Iris, May time limit pala! Lagot!”

The passionate environmentalist/marine biologist says, “ Patayin na lang natin ang mga butanding!”

Blind Item

Scene: Italliani’s at Trinoma, March 19, 2009

Friend: Bakit sa movies, maski isang beses lang, nabubuntis na?

Sarcastic me: At artista ka?!

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