angel brigade gratitude drive

It started with a conversation between two friends with the nagging sentiment of : My family woke up today just like any other day—with electricity, food, house intact , with loved ones safe.  Others woke up with nothing. That was September 28, 2009. Typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines in the gut and got the wind knocked out of everybody. Rich, poor, owners, employees, Tondo, Forbes….it did not matter. It hit and it hit hard. It was a moral imperative to do something…anything.  Not because we were spared, but because it was our responsibility.  Then the angels started working their magic.

Suddenly there was a huge space at the Fort that can accommodate any donations that you can give.  Donations came by the truckloads.  Volunteers walked, rode a bike, a car, the bus  to donate their precious time to pack these care items –  rice, instant noodles, carne norte, sardines, milk, sugar, clothes and so much more.  Suddenly military trucks and airplanes were volunteering  to send out these relief goods to the neediest.  Volunteers learned non-useful skills such as estimating how many bags can fit a 6-wheeler, a 10-wheeler or even a van.

Some ran to the Center. The regular TTH Runs in BHS ended with a packing session at the Angel Brigade Center. And when they did speed training, they sped up the packing at the Center to the point that they can efficiently pack (PR pack) 300 bags in less than an hour.  was Angel Brigade’s source of second wind when things got tougher, especially when Typhoon Pepeng hit us as well.  Yes, we had our own friends from takbo who was hit really bad and it will ALWAYS be a given that we take care of our OWN.  But to extend it to strangers in the far flung areas? That needed a PURE heart. And with a heart brimming with love, we gave and gave some more.  Different teams also joined in the giving.  People I did not think I will meet because of their mamaw statures in the running community, I met.  And all we had in common was the NEED to help.

Angel Brigade and went on to do more good things after—a very successful Medical Mission in Rizal,  the Feed and Give in Kalentong and the recent trek to Benguet.

At the core of it all is the spirit of volunteerism in each one of us.  This is the same spirit that will change our world—one helping hand, one step, one leap at a time.

Celebrate our One Year Anniversary with doing more.  Be one with us at Rockwell Mall with an Installation Exhibit and Silent Auction on September 20-26, 2010.  See you there!


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