Urbanite’s Supercalifragilisticexpialidoseous

I sit here in front of the computer at 2:50AM at a complete loss for
words at what happened at the Urbanite tonight. I have always loved my
takbo family from the very beginning. I don’t know how to feel after
what they did tonight.

Finding out the route on a Monday for a Saturday race was numbing for me. And
realizing it was the dhang hillsssss at McKinley literally got me a 38.5
fever. I was scared! My 13.2km strong run the Sunday before didn’t mean
squat now. I did not train on hills! There were plenty of invites from
the group that I never joined (hindsight is indeed 20-20). I needed
to at least see what I was so afraid of and the only way to do it is to
run the dhang things. Tuesday, when Timmy and BongZ said they were
running, I joined. Buti na lang RJ promised to run at my pace which he
did splendidly. 🙂 I finished the 13km (we couldn’t enter the Cemetery)
in 2:20. I was no longer afraid after that. I resigned myself to walking
(I don’t walk in my races kasi mabagal na nga ako mashadow) at least 2
of the hills and allowed myself to walk those 2 hills on the actual run.

I found out on a Wednesday that I will have 3 talks on August 15.
Perfect! I was supposed to just sleep the whole day Saturday! But it’s
work. I have to do it. IN 3-inch HEELS!!!! That’s the clincher! Hay

Race Night. 7pm. As I saw the takbo peeps, I was greeted with a whole slew
of “Kaya mo yans” and hugs. I appreciated that because as I saw the
Start/Finish Line, I wanted to throw up. They made sure I had my phone
with me so they can call and see where they can start to pace me. They
were running their own race and yet will go back for me to pace me to
the finish. I didn’t get that… At Gun Off, we were off. On the turn, I
see McCoy running beside me, saying he’ll be pacing me. “Huh? From here
to finish?” He said “yes.” I didn’t get it… “Marga, water?” “Yes,
pls” and he would run ahead of me and get water/powerade from the
station. He even got a bottled water so we dont have to rely on water
stations, assuring me of being hyrdrated when I need it and just hold it
for me. “Huh?” He was just patiently at my left. Kawawa naman. I don’t
talk (or walk) in my races because I can’t. I don’t have the energy to
run and talk at the same time. He was just there!*kamot ulo* My arm
(what do you call that?) thingie that houses my mobile fone was chaffing
my arm. He got it from me and wore it (sa left leg nga lang kasi dun
lang kasya.lol) He was doing everything for me! I am dumbfounded until

BongZ finished his race and called us when we were getting out of Heritage.
He said, he’ll pace me as we go into McKinley hills. I said, ok, thanks.
Will call you…But it took me sooo long to get to the bungad of
McKinley Hills that he was walking back to us na nga. 🙂 With Powerades.
*iling ng ulo*

As we were about to get out of the hills, we see Roselle and Gab walking
down to us. Another 2 pacers? Huwat?! I knew Roselle said she will if
she has the energy. But Gab? 🙂 And boy, did the Running Diva have
energy! She sang to me, to us the whole way back!!!! Kung Kaya mong
Isipin, Cadence Song, Tuwing Umuulan, Paraiso, Ice Ice Baby, Hawaii
Five-O. The guys were singing with her and I didn’t realize it, I was
running faster and didn’t mind the hills at all, “What Hills? lol.” The
Diva realized this as well so she really sang the whole time. Maski
imbento na lang with the rhythmic clapping. Amazing!

We see Marky and Dhentz at a corner ready to join me and the pacers.
Anubeh? Overwhelmed na ko. promise. I see Rod running back to us as
well. Wag niyo kong paiyakin!

“Konti na lang. Last 1k. last 600 meters” I see on my left waiting to join
us, a few meters before the turn to the Finish were Cherry, RJ and

“Let’s make a V for Marga” “Sakto, 10 tayo. 5 on her left. 5 on her right.
She’ll be the tip”. Before the turn, they were forming. I didn’t want to
look baka maiyak no ko talaga, but I can hear them moving back. I see
the Finish Line and I did an exhilarating sprint to the Finish as they
were shouting for me, with me. I see 2:25 on the Timex and as I cross
the Finish Line, wala na sila sa likod ko. Ha?

And then I realize, they wanted to make sure that it was MY finish.*sniff*

But I could not have finished that 15km without them! Let’s be fair, I’d
have finished it. At a slower time perhaps and sooo exhausted I won’t be
able to move. But the quality of the Finish makes a huge difference.

And that was a strong and happy finish. I cannot thank you enough. I
loved you guys then, so what do I call this feeling I have for you now
that seems to be expounded a hundred times over? New-found respect for
the kind of people you are? Generous, selfless, men and women of your
word, entertaining,just plain NICE?



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