My First Blog Entry

I never attempted to understand the concept of blogs-on how people share their thoughts and experiences online and have the world read who they are.  I don’t get it. Why would you want to share inane, trivial thoughts to the world? Even at the height of the Gucci gang blog entries, I couldn’t be bothered with reading it but I smile at how this medium has literally become a mass medium.  I was a broadcast graduate – radio and television were the ultimate media for mass communication.

I guess not anymore.

Then I realize, in this age of globalization, as we become citizens of the world (made easier by this medium called the internet), the need to preserve who we are is made more imminent; the need to let others know that ‘I’ exist swiftly holds more meaning.   Or maybe it’s just my age talking – almost mid-lifing I guess (my lolos and lolas’ average life span is 75 yrs and I’m 34); that the need to leave a mark somehow seems more pronounced at this side of 30.   But what kind of mark? I don’t know.  I guess we’ll find out as I write and you read.

You no longer need to carry a PhD to publish, a baritone voice to be heard over the radio, a pretty face and a good reading diction to read the news on tv, or to tour the world to have something to say.

The need to connect with the world is suddenly a click away.

I’m still uneasy in writing one, but I want to try.  I am inspired by friends’ blogs I’ve read – some really laugh out loud, slap in the knee funny, some cute and sweet, some too random thoughts, some too erudite  that I think I actually snored through it, and some, just right-funny  without trying to be, touching that brings tears to the eyes, saying something that you as a reader connects with – an entry that personifies the writer to a ‘T’.

This is my first blog entry. June 7, 2008


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